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Migrant workers WangFeng rising-sun masculine because cover combination of the spring “popular network, and as a rabbit in CCTV cctv1 stage of grassroots effort, shake the body becomes best-known grassroots singer. The agent of sun li dong accept masculine morning paper reporter to interview revealed yesterday afternoon he received the spring of the original WangFeng aspects telephone call, be informed explicitly rising-sun masculine future shall in any way singing “spring”. For such result, li dong said “respect their opinion,” but also hope events can somewhat turnaround. But WangFeng assistant small tao says about it are not respond. The original WangFeng requirements shall in any way singing “spring”.

ShangYan prices surged to 3 million to $50,000

Wang xuming and friend Mr Liu gang composed of sun masculine combination, with cover the spring “red through network. Last August, the two singing video be friend hair online, click over 10 million times, not only let the sun masculine become CCTV xingguangdadao “month champions, more let they boarded rabbit cctv1, and become the stage in the audience favorite grassroots singer.

After the sun cctv1, masculine fame soared, buttheir the most direct effect is worth ShangYan hikes. When asked whether sun masculine staged price to online rumours 30,000 to 5 million yuan, li dong’s no secret said “there is this price”.


Cctv1 after becoming famous, sun masculine would leave their work into efforts to music? Li dong this gives the affirmative answer: “friend Mr Liu gang from the beginning it was completely doing music, even in the most difficult time of his life, as for music dream also insisted in pharmaceutical companies do warehouse of wang xuming, now also have such plan, his previous leadership to he is also support, told him if (in music) couldn’t walk, can again to return.”

In the spring of farewell to the original

Li dong said that at present have record company in rising-sun masculine contact, but with sun masculine haven’t signed a plan. Meanwhile, there are many musicians also volunteered to write songs for sun masculine, are more enthusiastic “steel Beng son” give them from their own creative songs. But underlying it is urgent rising-sun masculine need creating more original works: “aftertime isn’t very good cover WangFeng song, do original for artists also have benefits.”

Although li dong say very implicative, but he also revealed behind wde – 14 yesterday when about 30 points, li dong received a telephone call from a WangFeng aspects, “each other clearly, sun masculine future shall in any way singing” spring “, estimate WangFeng other songs are not singing.”

It is reported that Li dong revealed: “they will cover some can use songs, including singers sichuan son of a song, henceforth also can sing some songs.” Yesterday afternoon, the reporter also on the matter WangFeng assistant little contact with the tao tao says about the matter, small temporary not comment, as to whether future in the form of statement etc show, he says all depends on the specific circumstances and decide.

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