byAlma Abell

Your Central Air Conditioning in Baltimore MD is your home-based climate control system. This system of devices changes the temperature of air alters the level of water vapor in the air and removes unwanted particulates. To keep your AC system working right, it’s important to perform maintenance. This upkeep will help identify problems that need to be fixed and help prevent other problems from developing. Use the following guidelines to do this twice a year.


Before you start working on your central AC system, locate the two main parts of the system. The condenser is outside the home on a flat surface, usually a slab concrete or piece of thick board. The evaporator can be found in the plenum, which is above the furnace. Turn off your AC system at the main entrance panel. It will have two circuit breakers, one for the interior unit and one for the exterior unit. Work on your AC unit when the weather is mild.

To clean the evaporator, carefully remove any insulation covering the plenum. Ensure that you don’t damage any tape on the insulation since you will have to replace it after this job. Remove the access plate to the plenum. Bring the evaporator forward as far as you can without disconnecting piping it’s connected to. Using a brush with stiff bristles, clean all around the evaporator. You can use a mirror to view the backside of the evaporator. It’s recommended to clean the tray beneath the evaporator with bleach. This tray holds condensation until it drains away from this component. After you finish cleaning the evaporator, replace it along with the access plate and any insulation.

Next, remove debris, weeds, and weeds from the area the condenser is in. These plants and rubbish can prevent the unit from working correctly. Use a commercial coil cleaner to rid the condenser of dirt and grime. Use the instructions that come with this product. The coil fins can be gently cleaned with a soft fin comb. Remove the protective covering to reach these fins. Afterwards, replace the protective covering. It’s a good idea to use a spirit level to make sure the evaporator is plumb.

By performing maintenance on your central Air Conditioning in Baltimore MD, you can prolong the useful life of the system. This will help you have a healthful personal environment. This is beneficial to all household occupants.

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