Allergies are damaged immune responses that occur when a person’s body reacts to a foreign substance. This foreign substance does not cause the same reaction in all people. Common allergens are peanut oil, pet dander, pollen, bee venom, and ragweed. An allergen can be a food, flower, scent, of other substance. Some allergens produce minor problems and others can be lethal. Learn about this medical condition by considering the following information.

A regular function of the immune system is to produce antibodies. These antibodies protect a person from an agent that can cause a disease or other problem. Allergens occur when the immune system improperly produces antibodies for a substance that is not harmful to the body. Coming into contact with an allergen can result in headaches, hives, and problems breathing. A food allergy may cause a tingly mouth, facial swelling, and anaphylaxis. An insect sting can result in chest tightness, anaphylaxis, itching, and hives.

Some allergens only attack a person during certain times of the year. Others seem to prey on allergy sufferers all year long. One of the best ways to prevent an allergic reaction is to avoid the allergen. This is not always easy when a person lives in a certain part of the country. Also, avoiding exposure can make a person become confined indoors. This is not practical to live a good quality life. Instead, there are medications that can ward off the allergy attack.

To get medications for allergies, a person should talk to a doctor or a pharmacist. Many of these medications are over-the-counter. Some are more potent and available by prescription only. A person should make an appointment with an allergy doctor to get tested for allergens. There is a battery of tests that can be done to determine the allergens a person has and to what extent they affect the body.

Living with allergens is possible with the right information and open communication with a doctor. For more information on allergy problems, please talk to an expert at Allen ENT. You can also visit to view the services offered by this allergy, hearing, and surgery center.

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