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There are several steps required before buying a used car from an individual in Quebec. It is easy to find a bargain with the use of the internet that allows people like us to sell their used cars in Quebec without going through a dealer. According to the experience of many consumers, some pictures and descriptions of some of the used car for sale could be misleading. The people you talk on the phone or by e-mail may be scam artists expert in the area of selling a used car.

Inform yourself about possible frauds associated with used cars in Quebec. Start by looking on some websites that you can trust such as CAA. There are also various accredited associations which are there to help you fight with your rights as a buyer of a used car if problems occur after the sale. Another one is the Office of Consumer Protection with an English website that can provide you with essential information about your legal rights regarding the purchase of a used car for sale in Quebec.

But before buying a vehicle, you should record the date of registration, make, model, year and serial number of the used car for sale. Then validate the information of your auto in sale with the Quebec Automobile Insurance. The reason is that nowadays a lot of stolen vehicles are out there when buying a used car in Quebec.


Then note the mileage of the used car and it might have a lot of mileage but still be in good condition. Because it depends on what the kind of trips were done by the previous owners. A used car for sale that has a lot of mileage on the highway is much more likely to be in better condition than one that just has been driven in town. The wear caused by frequent stops at traffic lights, among other things, damage more than cruising on the highway.

The most important thing regarding buying a used car for sale in Quebec is that making business with a dealer is safer because you have more legal recourse in case of problems. Plus, you get the services and warranty protecting your new used car from all eventualities. But you still need to test drive the used car for sale and have the vehicle inspected by an independent specialized mechanic.

When you buy a used car for sale from a dealer, you are guaranteed it will be in good condition because they have the mechanical expertize. Normally, an individual selling you the used car writes on a contract stating : ”As is” and you could have unpleasant surprises later on. So it is reassuring to do business with a good used car merchant in Quebec which desire also holding on its local reputation.

Buying a used car is not an easy decision because here are many impostors and you should not fall into the trap of the ”Too good to be true”. Especially, being fooled into sending money before seeing the used car for sale. In a Quebec magazine ”Protgez-Vous” they mention cases of some used car in Quebec for sale at ridiculous prices but the owners require a deposit before you even get to see the supposedly vehicle. So stay informed and ask advices from experts in the field of used car for sale in Quebec in order to make your experience the most enjoyable.

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