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Tamika Gross

An approximate one in three men is currently suffering from Gynecomastia, or the condition of male breast. The problem, although common, has many myths associated with it. Moobs, as they are commonly referred to, cause a lot of physical discomfort along with emotional stress. Suggestions from friends and DIY tips never really work, making the patients feel more frustrated. In fact, people are known to take extreme steps like giving up food – in hope of getting rid of the bulge; or shunning social life completely for fear of being publically embarrassed.

Patients suffering from the condition should get to know the medical facts instead of believing hearsay.

Reasons for developing male breast

Male breast condition can arise due to hormonal imbalance. Other known reasons for the problem include side effects of certain medicines and drug abuse. In all these cases medical intervention is required to rectify the condition.


Another increasingly common reason for the problem is obesity – stubborn fat tends to get deposited in the chest area making it appear like breasts.

Recommended Treatments

A healthy diet goes a long way in fixing the problem of male breasts and many other lifestyle diseases. In the case of moobs too, healthy diet has twofold benefit – it helps alleviate hormonal imbalances and also prevents additional fat from getting deposited in the body. In case of hormonal imbalance, it the production of female hormone thats the culprit and by eating vegetables and fruits like cabbage, broccoli, berries, pineapples, grapes and beans helps reduce production of oestrogen; lean meat should be chosen over red meat. Additionally, processed foods, carbonated drinks, and foods with preservatives and or loads of white sugar should be avoided.

By exercising and getting back to healthier lifestyle you can get rid of your moobs. Chest exercises like bench presses and press ups are best suited for the condition. Just like fat accumulation doesnt happen overnight, fat reduction also doesnt happen overnight – have patience and keep exercising. A lot of commitments will be required from your side to get rid of the problem.

Apart from exercising, many people now days take help from cosmetic surgeons. Cosmetic surgery uses liposuction plastic surgery to get rid of the fat cells in the chest area. The process involves making incisions to suck out fat cells from the affected area. Where there is excess glandular tissue, the entire tissue may be removed to bring back the flat male chest.

Is cosmetic surgery safe and where to get it done?

Cosmetic surgery is only as good as the as doctor who does it. Instead, do your research. Money too plays an important role in the decision. Money also plays a significant role here. Male breast reduction in India is fast gaining popularity. Male breast reduction in India is extremely popular. Interestingly, many clinics in India now focus solely on foreign patients and provide packages which include the treatment, after treatment expenses and hotel stay and even pick from the airport. Most such clinics have presence online and patients can contact the choice of clinic directly to get more information. These clinics have websites which detail out information about the clinic, facilities available and even offer free consultation. The costs in India are significantly lower to the extent that together the ticket, the stay, and the treatment cost less than just the treatment in the west. It is however advisable to check the clinic credentials before you travel all the way to India.

With the identification of right reason, the problem of moobs can be easily solved.

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