White teeth are considered to be a beautiful and desirable trait for most cultures. We strive for whiter teeth using gums, various toothpastes and whitening products, but are these items really helping our cause? The truth is, if you’re interested in teeth whitening, you may be better served making an appointment with your dentist than shelling out cash at your local drugstore on home remedies.

The Drawbacks of Home Whitening Products


While there are many safe, effective methods for whitening teeth at home, these products also come with quite a few catches. For instance:

  • Many products cause sensitivity of teeth and surrounding tissues after use. Without professional supervision or advice on how to handle them, consumers may experience severe pain after use.
  • Bleaching products can discolor gums, lips and facial skin if used imcorrectly.
  • At-home whiteners offer mixed effectiveness. Some stronger agents are excellent whiteners with many possible side effects, while gentler methods are less abrasive but also far less effective.

Having your teeth professionally whitened at your dentist’s office is one of the safest, most effective ways to a whiter, brighter smile.

Where to Get Your White On

If your dentist offers cleaning services, they likely offer whitening, as well. Inquire with your provider as to whether whitening or other cosmetic services are available, and what your insurance may cover. While some insurance plans will not cover the cost of whitening, the price of a single session is often still lower for the amount of progress made than it would be for comparable results from store-bought products.

Mississauga area dentists at the Credit River Dental Centre offer dentistry for the whole family. This includes deep cleaning and teeth whitening, giving you the best possible version of your natural smile. Whether you have a major event, a photo shoot or just a small gathering you’d like to wear your best face for, consider stopping in at our local dentist’s office to have your teeth professionally whitened. It’s an investment that will keep you smiling for weeks to come.