byAlma Abell

These days, it’s nearly impossible to turn on the evening news and not see something terrible. Around the country we’re seeing an increase in shootings, fights, robberies, and so forth. You % safe, but you can take steps to give yourself a fighting chance. Your home is a place where you should feel the safest, and in order to protect it you need security. Take these points into account when choosing a Security Company.


Every second counts, and this is something that your security company needs to remember. Many security companies are so big that they focus more on growing than on their clients. That being said, when you call, you should be able to speak to a staff member almost immediately. If the company uses automated systems, or huge “phone trees,” then it’s time to keep looking.

You can’t afford any delays. When there’s an emergency in your home (i.e. fire, break-in, carbon monoxide, etc.), an alarm signal should be immediately transmitted to your Security Company. Unfortunately, many companies choose to delay these transmissions, to make room for false alarms. Make sure this isn’t the case with your company.

Around the clock monitoring is one of the most effective approaches to security. Emergencies could happen at almost any time. An accidental fire could start in the middle of the night. Break-ins can occur at almost anytime of the day. This means that security companies need to be ready at a moment’s notice. Find a security company that offers 24-7 monitoring for all of its customers.

Security systems should last for quite some time, but regular maintenance is necessary as well. Some homeowners receive installed security systems, and have to maintain these systems themselves. If something happens, they have to pay to have a technician make repairs. However, some of the best security companies offer free inspections throughout the year. Technicians will come and test smoke detectors, check your cameras and monitors, and will look for signs of wear and tear.

Take your time to find the right security company. There are plenty of companies out there. Have these points in mind when speaking to one of the staff members. If they fall short of meeting these requirements, consider another company.