By Madeline Hernandez

When it comes to such a large state, you will need more than a Texas state map! When people think of Texas they probably think of Huge beautiful Ranches (and yes, they do exist), Cattle Farmers and the old drama series/soap opera called Dallas . Well, there is so much more to Texas than anyone could ever imagine!

We have it all in Texas!

Let me name a few of the many wonderful Colleges off the top of my head; Southern Methodist University, A & M, University of Texas in Dallas, Baylor University (Dallas and Houston), Texas Women s University and more.

The entertainment is amazing!


If we were to look at the Texas state map to find Dallas, you wouldn t be able to see all of the growth and Development just by looking at the map. Dallas is in constant development, it never stops growing! So think of the entertainment and nightlife in a city that is consistently growing and evolving, with the revitalization of downtown, booming and brimming with urban caf s and coffee shops, upscale restaurants and they are consciously building in a way that s making it pedestrian friendly. Downtown Dallas is striving to be a place with urban appeal, it is really hard NOT to find some form of anything you could be looking for. In addition to Downtown Dallas there are also Uptown areas, Addison areas and North Dallas areas that are fun and always happening!

Fort Worth, as well as Dallas and Houston, offer wonderful Performance Halls for Ballet, Opera and Symphony and Dallas is actually building a new one right now.

There are diverse cultures throughout the state of Texas that really offer variety and dimension to our communities in Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio and Houston and then everywhere in between. I believe this shows the popularity of Texas as a destination for opportunity. Again, if you look at a Texas state map it is impossible to see everything this wonderful state has to offer. What are you looking for? Whatever it is I am sure you will be able to find it in Texas, except for mountains, but there is the gorgeous area called Hill Country right outside of San Antonio!

My Point is not to be fooled by what you see on a basic Texas state map, television, or the way people still like to display their idea of Texas. I have lived here for over 15 years and still have not been able to see every wonderful aspect of this Large but Wonderful state we live in. Whether you are just passing through, want to vacation here in Texas or you are moving because of work or career, just know you will be pleasantly surprised about everything you didn t know about the state of Texas.

Try to find a Texas state map that has more information than just directions. Some maps will have attractions and entertainment plotted within that makes it easier to navigate from one place to another.

My suggestion for a vacation would include doing a tour of Texas or more than one attraction in a day that will keep the entertainment flowing. There are enough fun things to do in Texas, whether it s for a vacation or even a short getaway, you won t be disappointed.

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