byAlma Abell

There are numerous ways to convey a message to the people or group that you target. One of them is through printed media. The main purpose of printed media is to educate, entertain, and inform the public. Printed media is commonly used by companies to advertise their goods or services. If you are in need of a printed media, Printing Companies in Fullerton will provide you with the one of your choice. Below are some of the printed media available from area printing companies.


This is the most common and popular type of print media. It also among the cheapest and informs the public about events affecting the public, local and international news, sports, beauty and fashion, advertisements and many more. One can buy a newspaper from a vendor or have it delivered at your address.


Magazines are more expensive than newspapers. Articles in magazines have more detailed information. Magazines are more attractive, and their articles are mostly colored therefore more eye-catching than newspapers. A magazine can cover a single topic like lifestyle, cooking, economy, fashion and others.

News Letters

A newsletter is intended for the public. Most companies reach their customers or target new ones by informing them through newsletters. They are also common in places like schools where the parents are informed about the on-goings of the school. Newsletters are mostly free but can also be sold at a low price.


Billboards are commonly used as a form of advertisements. They are made big so that they can be read or seen from a distance. They are the most expensive form of print media but how much you pay for the billboard will depend on its size, how long the advertisement should last and the location of the billboard.


A book is a collection of printed pages bounded together. Books are used to spread knowledge about a particular thing or subject all over the world. Books can be used to entertain, to inform or to educate.

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