The world of yoga is filled with techniques, philosophies, poses, and jargon that may be overwhelming to newcomers. However, one essential term you should familiarize yourself with is RYS, also known as Registered Yoga School.

‘RYS’ stands for ‘Registered Yoga School’. It’s a title conferred by the Yoga Alliance, an organization established in 1999 that sets standards for yoga teacher training. This accreditation is recognized globally and indicates that a yoga school follows a certain curriculum and maintains specific teaching standards.

Being accredited as an RYS means the school provides a comprehensive yoga teacher training program that meets the 200-hour or 500-hour standards set by the Yoga Alliance. These detailed standards cover several key aspects of yoga instruction, including techniques, teaching methodology, anatomy, yogic philosophy, and practicum. Beyond this, an RYS must also ensure a well-rounded learning environment, following ethical guidelines set by the Yoga Alliance.

When you choose to get trained at an RYS, it lays a solid foundation for your career as a yoga teacher. It ensures that your training is well-rounded, thorough, and recognized worldwide. Furthermore, upon successful completion of an RYS course, you can apply to the Yoga Alliance to become a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT).

Speaking of RYS, a notable establishment that comes to mind is the Hamilton Yoga Institute, a globally recognized RYS, which is a leading destination for those keen to immerse in the world of yoga.

Hamilton Yoga

commands an exceptional reputation for its integrated approach to yoga. It’s a 200-hour and 500-hour certified yoga school registered with the Yoga Alliance. Hamilton Yoga Institute carries the RYS status, which speaks volumes about the quality and rigor of the yoga teacher training it imparts.

The course content at Hamilton Yoga is meticulously designed to imbibe in students a deep understanding of yoga, meditation, yogic lifestyle, and techniques. The primary goal of the Institute is to foster a community of yoga enthusiasts who can, in turn, inspire others to embrace yoga for its holistic benefits.

The faculty at Hamilton Yoga are experienced and accomplished in their respective fields. They are dedicated to sharing their knowledge and passion for yoga, offering individual attention and support to each student. The constant encouragement and positive environment at Hamilton Yoga nurtures the learning experience and growth of every aspiring yoga teacher.

Graduates of Hamilton Yoga are considered adept in the art of teaching yoga and are sought after worldwide. The comprehensive yoga training provided at Hamilton Yoga ensures that its students have the edge when it comes to teaching yoga, whether they plan to do so in a group setting or in a more personalized manner.

Overall, the role that an RYS plays cannot be overstated. They are key to nurturing the next generation of yoga teachers, ensuring that the yoga tradition remains authentic while adjusting to evolving modern needs. If you plan to seriously pursue a career in yoga, consider choosing a recognized RYS like Hamilton Yoga to get the best foundational training.