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A pediatric dentist is a dental specialist who has undergone four years of training in dental school and additional two to three years in specialized training for treating children only.

Generally, children are treated by dentists who also treat the adults. However, pediatric dentist are specialized in treating children only. The aim of a pediatric dentist is to teach both the parents and child the benefits and importance of maintaining oral hygiene, how best to take care of their teeth and also let them feel at ease when visiting dentists or undergoing operations. In addition, it is important for the parents to ensure their children have well maintained teeth since good oral hygiene is absolutely important to every individual and more so the youngsters who are learning how to take care of their teeth.

It is advisable for all parents to introduce their children to pediatric dentistry at an early age. Various studies show that youngsters are more prone to oral disease due to poor dental hygiene. Thus, taking the youngsters to pediatric dentist at an earlier age will help in treating and curing all the oral problems associated with them. Dentistry for children also teaches them how many times they should brush their teeth in a day and the proper ways of doing it. Youngsters are also able to learn that food they eat especially the sugary and starchy foods cause damages to their teeth. Thus, they need to brush them regularly in order to keep them clean.


Children dentistry helps in properly cleaning of the children teeth and thoroughly. It is quite hard for youngsters to do it on their own. The pediatric dentist help in removing all the remaining food bits stuck in youngsters tooth in order to prevent tooth decay and bacteria from growing and developing to cause tooth decay. Immediately after children develop their first tooth, parents are required to take care of their oral needs. Pediatric dentist provides fluoride treatment. Fluoride is found in many types of toothpaste since it is essential in making the children tooth strong and resistant to harmful elements.

Children six years and above should use oral care products such as mouthwash and floss for healthier tooth. Flossing between teeth helps in getting rid of food bits stuck in between the children teeth and which the ordinary tooth brushes are unable to remove. This ensures that bacteria do not get a chance to grow and develop inside the cavities. Rinsing the children mouth using mouthwash is also crucial in helping to kill almost all kinds of bacteria existing in children mouth. This goes a long way in preventing oral diseases and other problems caused or associated with bacteria.

Additionally, pediatric dentist offer orthodontics services such as reconstructive or restorative dentistry. These services are mostly for restoring the teeth in order to have a brilliant smile. This greatly affects the children appearance for better thus giving them self confidence required when they are together with their peers. The main difference between pediatric dentist and the family dentist is that the pediatric dentist focuses only on children while the family dentist takes care of the whole family members dental problems.

Further, pediatric dentist works towards maintaining children s primary teeth until they are naturally lost. This is due to the importance primary tooth servers in enabling the children to chew up food properly. This help in maintaining good nutrition and proper food habits. They also have a role in helping children develop speech.

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