Sage Peachtree Quantum 2011 for Optimized Business Processes


Darcy Grubaugh

The use of accounting and business management software has contributed largely to the growth and improvement of various companies since the late 70s. From then, software companies like Sage software have published generations of accounting and business management software to facilitate the efficient functioning of many business operations in various fields and industries. And it just gets better.

A typical accounting and business management software today manages all four aspects of business operations financial, operations, employee management and customer management. But aside from this, current software solutions also offer analysis tools to produce reports and reviews to help periodically analyze the business performance.

Sage Peachtree Quantum 2011, for instance, has analysis tools for the Cash Flow Manager and the Collections Manager to keep track of a business financial well-being. The latest generation also features an improved reporting tool that s intuitive with opportunities through its close monitoring of trends. This software also offers internal auditing to regularly run through data and check for mistakes, and an audit trail tool that records whatever changes are made to prevent fraud.


A business software solution like Sage Software s Sage

Peachtree Quantum 2011

optimizes a business efficiency and allows it to focus on the more important core production duties. And while it covers all four aspects or departments of business operations, it implements this in a centralized management system that incorporates data from all four aspects, allowing more ease in accounting and operations management.

Centralization allows each user to keep track of processes from each department and make appropriate changes and adjustments to their data. In Sage

Peachtree Quantum 2011

, for instance, a Job Order begins in Customer Management, which then checks with Operations for availability of materials in the inventory, and then Employee Management for available Manpower, and then back to Customer Management to generate a quote or a proposal.

Accounting and business management software solutions like Sage

Peachtree Quantum 2011

continue to improve and change the landscape of business processes. These software solutions provide continuous relief from the time-consuming hassles of operations while constantly coming up with ways to improve how they should work for your business.

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