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Feng Shui and the power and powers of plants that is located inside your home. Plants placed strategically and aesthetically throughout living and working areas can be exceptionally beneficial both in channeling energy and energies as well as giving the homeowner and their family great luck and good fortune.

No doubt about you don t have to be a farmer or agriculturist botanist to figure out that plants and greenery can fill spaces where qi is absent or additionally those sharp, dangerous and even hideous corners and corner areas which work well against you, your family friends and acquaintances to generate and propel those secret arrows and barbs of sha qi. You can also count on that large plants and greenery inside will work also function and work well to slow vital qi factor dilutions and dissipation down to the greatest of degrees.

It is important, according to the elderly experienced experts and practitioners of Feng Shui as well as more recently trained masters of the art form that you work to choose what works well for your specific local geographic areas as well as time of year and season. In addition it s useful, a bonus and nice touch to follow your own personal cultural traditions, when it comes to indoor plants and plantings.

It does not take much of a genius to figure out that if you wish health , wealth and prosperity for both yourself family , loved ones and friends to take the time and extra efforts to choose rapidly flourishing vivacious plants rather than sickly and even ill plants when it comes to indoor plants. A flourishing plant, not sick, diseased and compromised specimens improves your Feng Shui powers greatly. Yet in the back of your mind s eye always remember and make note that what are considered lucky choices by some cultures and groups may be considered harbingers of bad luck and great doom in others.


Feng Shui plants vary form region to region, yet there are some classic species and varieties of shoots and greenery that traditionally are considered overall to create good and better harmony and harmonies. Among these basic yet wise choices include:

– The impala lily ( Advenium obesum) is the flower of wealth and prosperity and is well placed in your living room area or nearby the front of a business or shop

– The money plant (Dracaena) , an evergreen , brings wealth and long life and is highly visual aesthetically and as well is effective in offices and study areas

– Cacti and Cactus plants ward off evil spirits and the like

– The chili plant symbolizes growth and wealth essentially universally across cultural girths and traditions

– At times of year of the Chinese New Year celebrations, the Chinese traditionally bring pink blossom into their homes because they represent great growth and renewal for the coming year ahead

Lastly take good care and personal extra attention to source out and place prominently indoor plants with orange, yellow or red flowers which will add Yang colors to a Yin room .

Feng Shui!

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