By William I. Neil

There are more than 50 different shades and patterns available in decorative window film that can be easily replaced and removed to renew the appearance of the windows. By using these window films, you can turn the flat glass surface into artwork whether in bathroom, restaurant, office, child’s room.

You can use decorative window film to disperse light without switching it off and any window can become attractive with the use of decorative films. These window films are easy to do it by yourself and you can add solitude to glass doors and ordinary windows. These films enhance the decoration and add elegance to your office or home.

Films are perfect for kitchens, offices, glass door panels, street facing windows and many more. Measure the window and then cut the non-adhesive film precisely according to your measurements.

Decorative window film offers many features some of them include improving your security, to make your window look great for years, reduces the heat, soften harsh sun and diffuse glare, beautify your windows by using adhesive films, the windows will not get affected by moisture and steam.

Here are some reasons for why decorative window film should be used?

— To reduce Heat


There are so many window films efficient and advanced for controlling the rays from the sun. Window films reduce the heat up to 80% in comparison to the window glass that has not been treated by film. Decorative window film offers energy savings by reflecting the sunlight away from the window.

— To Reduce Fading

Window film provides sunscreen and can block around 99% of UV rays. This reason can lead to minimising the fading of valuable furnishings.

— To Cut Glare

Window film helps in minimizing the causes and effects from water, snow and helps in eliminating the glare.

— To Improve Comfort and Enjoy Energy Savings

There are some areas in the house that capture extreme sun rays and shade. Thus, films can increase the comfort level by reducing air conditioning costs and solves this problem of sun rays coming directly to your rooms.

— To Increase Safety

Fading films for window offer protection from breakage or shattering the glass and can make you feel more secure.

— To Enhance Appearance

A window film improves looks or appearance and creates a distinctive look.

— It’s Fast and Easy

Installation of professional films for window is non-intrusive and quick method or option to keep the disruptions minimum at a work place.

Decorate your windows with accents rich in etched glass borders, corner accents and centerpieces. Vinyl film enables an ordinary glass decorative focus with expensive and custom appearance. Decorative window film is basically of two types: adhesive based polyester and static-vinyl films.

The use of them is gaining popularity as it adds privacy and decorates the glass doors and windows. Adhesive free films are cheaper, provide quality value and are easier to use. Adhesive-free and adhesive decorative window film have many similarities and also vary from each other. Adhesive films are better if money is the only criteria. But if you want to add looks, durability or want energy, money and time or labour to be saved then adhesive free-static films are the best option to choose for decorating windows.

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