There are two parts to the equation when it comes deciding on a company’s CRM plan. The first is deciding on the platform. The second is hiring the right consultant. It is a common misperception that once a company has decided on a CRM platform, that it’s just a matter of technical implementation. Companies need to take more time to find the right consultant who understands their business objectives.

When deciding on a platform, GoldMine CRM Premium Edition is a top choice. It is a powerful tool that assists corporations with streamlining their sales cycle, executing marketing activities, and improving customer satisfaction. As a result, companies can make the most of their sales, marketing, and customer service investments.

While GoldMine CRM is a powerful software solution; in order to use it to its full potential, hiring the right GoldMine expert is essential. Here are some important questions to ask before making a match:

1. Can your consultant step into y

our business shoes?


Being a GoldMine expert means your consultant needs to be able to do more than just implement the software. A consultant is the architect that designs and manages the project. They need to listen to your business needs and goals; and design the implementation to fit your business plans. A proper GoldMine training plan and GoldMine support are critical to help you reach your desired end point.

2. Is your consultant a long-term authorized partner?

Make sure to hire a GoldMine expert that has been in business at least 10 years and has been certified to work on GoldMine CRM for at least five years. This means the hold both GoldMine Technical Certification and GoldMine Training Certifications. The longevity is a sign that the consultant has the breadth and depth companies should expect from their GoldMine CRM partner.

3. Are your IT department and sales team working together to find the perfect consultant?

A common mistake companies make when choosing a GoldMine expert is to leave the decision solely to the IT department, and not involve the business units. While the tech department may understand the software; the sales, marketing and customer service teams need to articulate their needs and have customization and reporting addressed as part of the project scope.

4. Did you leave room in your budget for GoldMine training?

Allocating a sufficient budget for customization and training on the proper use of the software assures that the GoldMine CRM project plan will be adopted by your organization. You want to make sure that your key sales and marketing people can use your new solution effectively.

5. Is your GoldMine CRM expert willing to do a flat fee project or only open end hourly?

Consultants may charge flat fees or hourly rates. However, if you have requested a firm budget plan, and the consultant can not give you a flat budget, then this means they may not have a strong understanding of what the project entails and what it will end up costing. This is a red flag. Be sure your GoldMine consultant is confident and competent to deliver on your GoldMine CRM project.

Choosing the correct GoldMine expert can ensure that your CRM investment offers a nice return. Make sure to ask the questions that will lead to a successful match.

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